Community Development & Planning

The Department of Community Development and Planning consists of the following four divisions that work independently and collaboratively as a self-directed team:
  • Building
  • Conservation
  • Health
  • Planning
Each division is managed by a Division Head who reports to the Deputy Town Manager.
  1. Building

    The mission of the Building Division is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the Town’s residents and visitors, as well as to protect the value of the historic district and historic structures in the Town through the enforcement of State and local laws, by-laws and regulations.

  2. Conservation

    The mission of the Conservation Division is to protect Andover’s wetland resources and to act as trustees in perpetuity of the Town’s conservation land.

  3. Health

    The mission of the Health Division is to promote and protect the public health including the physical, mental, emotional and social wellness of all people.

  4. Planning & Economic Development

    The mission of the Planning Division is to ensure the orderly growth and development of the Town through sound planning practices and through the implementation of the recommendations of the Master Plan.

  5. Fire Prevention