LED Streetlight Project

Andover is moving forward with a project to retrofit 1,800 streetlights with LED fixtures throughout the Town. Converting to LED lights will reduce energy use and maintenance costs contributing to savings of over $100,000 annually. Andover’s Energy Management Team has reduced the cost of the project by capitalizing on rebates from National Grid. These savings have amounted to approximately $195,000. The Town has also been awarded approximately $85,000 for the cost of the streetlights and the installation through the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Resources (DOER) LED Streetlight Rapid Retrofit grant program.

The initial phase of the project consisted of a Town-Wide audit of Andover’s approximately 2,000 streetlights and parking lot lights. The audit used Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to record the location of each streetlight as well as attributes relative to retrofitting and maintaining the lights. The audit was completed in December of 2015 allowing the Town to finalize the purchase of the lights and begin maintaining them.

With the audit complete, the planning and design phase of the LED conversion project began. This phase included a streetlight pilot program to test products from the leading LED streetlight manufacturers. The Town set up areas for the public to view the LED lights on Chestnut Street and Bartlet Street. General Electric, American Electric, CREE, and Philips streetlights were installed for a test run. The results of the pilot program took into account public and Town administration input which showed a clear preference to the General Electric Evolve LED Roadway Lighting streetlights. This cobra head LED streetlight uses reflective technology to eliminate the visibility of the LED diodes that can disrupt driver and pedestrian vision.

At Andover Town Meeting 2017, the Town approved a funding mechanism to complete the project. The LED streetlights have been ordered and the installation phase will begin the end of September. The installation should be completed by the end of 2017. Siemens Industry, Inc., the company contracted to complete the installation, has a great track record working with municipalities, such as Melrose, Salem, and Swampscott.

Anyone with any questions about the LED Streetlight Project should contact Janet Nicosia, Manager of Energy and Utilities at 978-623-8760 or jnicosia@andoverma.gov

Below, find a GIS map of the streetlights throughout Andover and the phase in which each section of the Town will be upgraded. Click Here to view the GIS map in a new window.