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The Andover Conservation Commission aims to protect Andover’s natural resources in accordance with the state law and the Town’s Wetlands Protection Bylaw, Article XIV, and to act as trustees in perpetuity of the Town’s conservation land. As of 2021, there are over 2,200 acres of protected land that are held in the care and custody of the Andover Conservation Commission. This land is managed and stewarded by the Conservation Division, with the assistance of the Department of Public Works and a large network of dedicated volunteer land stewards. Andover’s conservation areas are critical to supporting clean air and water, wildlife habitat, and recreational amenities for the community.


The impacts from the September 8th windstorm led to an extensive amount of damage on Andover Conservation Reservations throughout Town.  Impacts include many downed trees, severed trees hung up in the canopy (aka “widow makers”), blocked trails, and damaged kiosks and trail signs.  For tree damage, Pole Hill and Carmel Woods seem to be the most impacted.   

 Conservation staff and volunteers have been working to clear trails remove brush and logs, and in making repairs.  We have asked our volunteer Land Stewards to report back to Conservation Staff from their Conservation Reservations with the property’s condition and to report issues as soon as possible.  We are grateful to have such great Land Steward volunteers in our program.  Clearing trails, removing trees, and making repairs will be a great undertaking and will take lots of time. Please be patient as we work through the list of known issues and learn about new ones on Andover Conservation land that resulted from the destructive September 8th storm.   

 While Andover’s Department of Public Works and their tree work personnel are aware of our situation, emergency tree work along the Town’s roadways will keep them occupied for the foreseeable future.  

 If you are out walking our Reservations, please email or call us at (978) 623 8630 to report any storm damage you observe.  We will continue to update our growing list of properties to visit and assess in order to make repairs and to clear trails. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.  

 We will be posting “Clean-Up Days” on our Conservation webpage on the Town of Andover website for anyone who is willing to assist with some of the brush removal and to clean up our Reservations.  Please keep checking in for that information and for future updates.  

Land Acknowledgement

We respectfully acknowledge that Andover conservation land has been established on the territory of many Indigenous peoples, who have stewarded this land for hundreds of generations. With gratitude to the Andover Center for History & Culture for their guidance, we acknowledge the harmful effect colonization and violent systemic and cultural inequities have had on our understanding of Indigenous identity and terminology. Andover was home to the Pennacook people as early as 6000 BCE, and we honor their past, present, and emerging leaders. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Benjamin Meade Conservation Agent 978-623-8630
Lynn Viselli Conservation Administrative Secretary 978-623-8630
Michael Murray Conservation Land Manager 978-623-8630

Link to Great 8 Story Map


Conservation Documents

2024 Conservation Commission Meeting Dates & Deadlines

Filing deadline is noon two weeks prior to the Meeting Date.  Dates are subject to change. Click Here for a PDF Version

Meeting Date
Deadline Date
Meeting DateDeadline Date
Dec. 11, 2023Nov. 27 , 2023
June 25, 2024June 11, 2024
Dec 19, 2023Dec. 5, 2023
July 9, 2024June 25, 2024
Jan 2, 2024Dec 19, 2023
July 23, 2024July 9, 2024
Jan 16, 2024Jan 2, 2024
Aug 6, 2024
July 23, 2024
Feb 6, 2024Jan 23, 2024
Aug 20, 2024
Aug 6, 2024
Feb 20, 2024Feb 6, 2024
Sept 3, 2024Aug 20, 2024
March 5, 2024Feb 20, 2024
Sept 17, 2024Sep. 3, 2024
March 19, 2024March 5, 2024
Oct 1, 2024Sept 17, 2024
April 22024March 19, 2024
Oct 15, 2024
Oct. 1, 2024
April 16, 2024
April 2, 2024

Oct 29, 2024
Oct 15, 2024
May 7, 2024April 23, 2024
Nov 19, 2024
Nov 5, 2024
May 21, 2024

June 4, 2024                   
May 7, 2024

May 21, 2024

Dec. 3, 2024

Dec 17, 2024
Nov 19, 2024

Dec 3, 2024

Click here to view agendas and minutes for Conservation Commission meetings.

Note: The list above includes regularly scheduled meetings of the Conservation Commission. The Conservation Commission is holding a special meeting on January 4, 2024 to continue its hearing on the Notice of Intent filed for the Haggetts Pond ADA Trail Project. Filings for other projects were not accepted for this meeting, thus it is not included in this list.