Some first grade families have found that recently distributed iPads may not have been properly cleared and still have information remaining from the prior school year.  If you believe you are experiencing this issue you have two choices:

IT technicians will be at your student's school to assist you:

Tuesday 9/15 from 2:00-4:00PM
Wednesday 9/16 from 7:00-10:00AM

Alternatively you can "clear" your device at home according to the following instructions:

Instructions to Clear iPad

When you power up your iPad and connect it to your home wireless network we will send a "remote wipe" command to all iPads. Once the device receives the command it will reset itself and you will see the same start up sequence as if it was just removed from the box from Apple.  Please follow the following steps:
  • Select English as the language
  • Select United States as location
  • Click Setup Manually
  • Connect the iPad to your wireless network and enter your wireless password when prompted
  • The remote management screen will appear.  Click Next
  • When prompted to enable Location Services, click Enable
  • Click Get Started
This process will remove all existing data and will remove all school specific apps.  The device will retain all standard Apple apps as well as the Safari browser.  Due to a recently discovered flaw in our management software school apps will not be automatically downloaded.  We expect the vendor to resolve this situation shortly and the devices will automatically repopulate.