Andover Data

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If you have questions about Andover Data, or you have ideas about additional data sets, we want to hear from you! Additional data will be added each month to improve this portal. Email us at with your ideas or questions. 

Andover Data is the Town of Andover's Data Portal. Our data portal serves many functions: 

Service Analytics

Data on how we serve the public each day will allow us to make more informed decisions. The Town of Andover is committed to excellence in customer service. We are always looking for improvement - and efficiency - in our service delivery. Our Andover Central Customer Service Data holds us accountable to our residents, businesses, and visitors. When you request service, we will work hard to fulfill your request as soon as possible. When we notice delays, we'll make improvements. Our Department Performance Data tells the unique story of each of our municipal departments. Year-over-year data is our report card to the public. 


Andover Data elevates the notion of government transparency with a goal of not only building trust, but keeping you informed. 

Economic Development 

Prospective businesses, as well as businesses already here in Andover want to know as much as they can about their local economy. Andover Data tells our story. From the people who live here, to the services we provide - this information is powerful to stakeholders and their decision making process.