Fish Brook North Reservation

Fish Brook North Reservation is one of Andover's largest reservations, spanning 235 acres with 2.1 miles of trails that wind through wetlands and forests of white pine, maple, birch, oak, hickory, and sassafras. Wildlife thrives in this protected area, with numerous sightings of beavers, deer, foxes, kingfishers, great blue herons, and much more. The Fish Brook Watershed contributes to Andover's public water supply, so the protection of this natural area helps to maintain the quality of Andover's drinking water. 

Public Access

This reservation is open to the public for non-motorized recreation such as hiking, trail running, leashed dog walking, skiing, and birdwatching. The Bay Circuit Trail runs through Fish Brook North and connects to the John and Marie Boloian Reservation, AVIS's Harold Rafton Reservation, and the Virginia Hammond Reservation.


Street parking is available at the junction of River Road and Chandler Road.

Trail Map

Wetland Pic2