Virginia Hammond Reservation and the Andover Community Garden

The Virginia Hammond Reservation was named for Andover conservationist Virginia “Deena” Hammond. Situated just north of High Plain Road, Virginia Hammond Reservation is a gem.  Within its 43 acres lies mature trees, an extensive open field, and the very popular Andover Community Garden.  It borders High Plain Road to the south and the Harold Rafton Reservation owned by AVIS to the east, west, and north. 

From the perspective of wildlife habitat, the Virginia Hammond Reservation is invaluable.  Its mixture of maintained open field and woodland provides a diversity of wildlife habitat, and the resulting variety of wildlife and bird species found on this reservation attests to this fact.  The bordering edge between open field and woodland habitat – called an “ecotone” – is especially productive for viewing wildlife. Keep an eye out for monarch butterflies, which flock to the many milkweed plants growing in the meadows of Virginia Hammond Reservation.

Public Access

There are several access points for Virginia Hammond Reservation: from Cross Street near the Wood Hill Middle School or from High Plain Road. The Fish Brook North trailhead offers access to the Bay Circuit Trail, which connects Fish Brook North to Harold Rafton Reservation and to Virginia Hammond Reservation. 


The Virginia Hammond Reservation is easily accessible from a newly-expanded parking area across from the Andover Leaf Composting Facility at 288 High Plain Road. Please note that no parking is allowed along High Plain Road, as it obstructs the limited sight lines of entering/exiting vehicles.

Trail Map

Community garden
Virginia Hammond Reservation