Foster's Pond Reservation

This exceptionally scenic reservation offers hikers and boaters waterfront access to peaceful mature woodland and wetlands that surround Foster's Pond. The Andover Conservation Commission, AVIS, and the Foster's Pond Corporation have all protected various parcels of land adjacent to Foster's Pond, which has created a contiguous swath of conservation land around this valuable wetland resource. 

The island in Foster's Pond was once occupied by a small residence, and remnants of this dwelling can still be found on site. Picnic tables and a fire ring have since been constructed by Scouts for visitors to enjoy. 

Public Access

Boaters can pull up to the small island and access the mainland from a boardwalk bridge. Hikers can access a connecting trail off Willard Circle, or from the connecting AVIS Goldsmith Woodlands trail network. 


A small parking area is available on Willard Circle, which can be reached from Woburn Street (Andover Street) in Wilmington. Visitors can also park in the AVIS Goldsmith Woodlands parking lot and cross the boardwalk to enter Foster's Pond Reservation.