What are the swimming pool barrier & enclosure requirements?

The following is for guidance only. No document could cover all possible scenarios or situations. Please consult with the Building Division should you have additional questions regarding pool barriers after reviewing this document. A BUILDING PERMIT IS REQUIRED FOR ANY POOL, JACUZZI, STRUCTURE THAT HOLDS 24" OR MORE OF WATER.

The barrier provisions contained within Section 305 of the 2015 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code apply to indoor and outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs with water depths greater than 24”. This includes “portable”, "temporary" and “inflatable”
swimming pools.
Required pool barriers or fences must be at least 48” high and constructed to prevent climbing by children. Access gates must be self-closing and self-latching, swinging away from the pool with hardware arranged so that the gate cannot be opened from the side opposite the pool.

For above ground pools, the wall of the pool may serve as the barrier, provided it meets the 48 inch height requirement and access to the pool is via a “closable, lockable ladder” A removable ladder is NOT acceptable unless it is closable and lockable. 

In addition to outside walls or fences as barriers any doors or windows from the dwelling (where the walls of the dwelling are used as a portion of the
pool enclosure) with direct access to the pool area must be equipped with alarms that are listed and labeled as a water hazard entrance alarm in accordance with UL 2017. The alarm must be audible in all portions of the home and activated
when the door is opened. 

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